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How often.
How often in your day to day life do you think about me?
How often do you remember me?
How often do you wish it was my hand in yours?
My breath on your cheek?
My teeth in your neck?
My nails in your back?

How often?
How often are you in your car and that song, our song, comes on?
Do you change it?
Do you listen?
Do you laugh, smile, chuff, cry?
Do you remember the good times?
Or do you remember the bad?

How often?
How often do you talk about me?
Does she know?
Have you told her?
Have you been honest about how you felt?
About what we were?
About who we were together?
About your soul, being mine?

Does she know?
Does she know that you will forever compare her to me?
That she’ll never fill that spot where I will ALWAYS live?
Does she know she’s not me?
That she never will be?

Poor thing.
I believe that you probably believe you’re stronger than that.
That you’ve moved on and your life is yours now.
I believe that you believe your other half is still out there somewhere.
You may even believe she’s it.
Keep believing … because you are forever mine. Mind and body. If I only wanted I could twist you and manipulate you straight back to me. You’d be helpless against me.
You’ll always want me.



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