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I was having a text message conversation with a friend of mine earlier and I sent her the above picture. I said that I would so own that shirt if my husband would let me have a girlfriend. She said she’d thought about finding a female maso but she likes boy parts better. Well, the final conclusion we came to is that we both like all bits, but we’re 100x pickier on girl bits than we are boy bits, thus making boy bits liked better. Make sense? Yes? No? Read on.
I like a guy to have a nice smile, a sparkle in his eyes when he flashes said smile in my direction, brunette, at least as tall as me (I’m not short), to have a good sense of humor, he has to be clean with good oral and physical hygeine, no drug use/abuse (includes pot and daily consumption of alcohol), and he can’t be a moron. (No sports flunkies allowed).
Now, in a woman…. well, let’s see. I don’t want her short, but not taller than me either. Still with the smile, and the eyes, and the brunette hair. I don’t want super short hair and if it’s semi short it has to be maintained. The messy look is sexy sometimes, but I do hair. Usually if it’s cut short, it’s cut in a specific style, and should be styled thustly. Otherwise, keep it long (and still maintained, as in clean). I’d want her breasts to be larger than mine (which isn’t difficult), and she couldn’t be as large or larger than me. That also means that if I lost weight, she’d lose weight, always staying smaller than me. I want a good sense of humor, intelligence, have at least some of the likes I do (again no tv sports), same thing about cleanliness, and the same thing about drugs. I tried to find a good example picture, but alas Google has failed me, seeing as my pov on what’s sexy and theirs differs widely. Oh, no under bite, no bulgy eyes (like the chick that plays June on Apartment 23), no super thin lips, and no clothes that would take too much time to get her out of (unless I’m looking for a challenge that day) 🙂
The reason for the pickyness is that, if I’m going to put up with the BS of having a girlfriend, it’s going to damn well be worth it. I had a girlfriend once before…. and I wish I could have tied her up, gagged her, and left her there. Not only was she a horrible person, but she also made me less than desireable. I don’t want that to happen ever again.
I almost forgot the most important part, she’d be my sub. Of course! If you’re dreaming, go big or go home right? :);)

I’d take this one.


  1. OK, we’ve seen what is good for the goose. I would be very curious as to what the gander has to say as far as what he would want in YOUR girlfriend.

    • You know what? I would too, if only I could figure out how to tell him I want these things. I don’t think it would go over very well and scares me shitless. He knows I like to be rough, and can’t get that with him. But, he’s not exactly easy to talk to, and he’s too damn old fashioned. He doesn’t mind me being with a girl as long as he approves and he gets to watch. He’s not my do me though, he’s my husband, and I should get to make that choice for myself. The first time is almost always awkward, and I don’t want to share every time. He doesn’t want to have sex with anyone else. I broached the subject once and was more than immediately shut down. So sharing her in a physical sense isn’t an issue. But I don’t want to share in a visual sense either.

      • A suggestion:

        He gets to listen. Thats it. Let his imagination rage with what, how, who, when, where. And you get to keep the visual to yourself.

      • I may try that. I’d probably write it out first.

      • To whet his appetite find a really hot girl on girl video online. Make sure its full of great audio. Then blindfold him & have him listen to it. Then delete it from your viewing history before removing his blindfold. Then ask if he would like to experience that in person 🙂

      • Maybe. If I could get a blindfold on his stubborn ass. You’d think he trusts me, he says he trusts me, but I worry that he doesn’t.

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